How to Pay a Baby Sitter

Whether you pay your baby sitter once a month or at the end of every baby-sitting session, it's important that you both agree on the process.

Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:

* Cash
* Checks
* Envelopes

Step1 : Bring up the subject of payment before hiring the baby sitter.
Step2 : Ask how much the sitter charges per hour, or state what you are willing to pay. Negotiate if necessary until you reach an agreement.
Step3 : Agree on a method of payment. Younger baby sitters often prefer to be paid in cash, while older teenagers will accept checks.
Step4 : Agree on expediency of payment. Options include paying the baby sitter after each baby-sitting session, or paying at the end of the week or month.
Step5 : Keep

Tips & Warnings

* If you have agreed to pay your baby sitter in cash when the baby-sitting assignment is completed, always have enough cash on hand to cover the cost.
* Just because your baby sitter is a close friend or family member, don't assume that the baby-sitting is free. Hard feelings inevitably result from such misunderstandings.

By : eHow Parenting Editor

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