How to Treat a Baby Sitter

Turning a new baby sitter into a trusted child care provider is easy if you communicate well and always consider his or her needs as well as your own.


Things You’ll Need:

* First Aid Kits
* Spiral Notebooks For Emergency Information
* Other Games
* Chidren's Toys

Step1 : Pick up the baby sitter on time.
Step2 : Show the baby sitter around before you leave the house. Indicate where necessary items for the children are, where the telephone is located, where the TV is and how it works, and how to lock doors.
Step3 : Warn the sitter if there is an expected problem with a child (for example, "Johnny always cries for 30 minutes after we leave").
Step4 : Give the baby sitter some idea of what your children would like to do, to eat or to watch on TV as well as a list of things you do not want your children to do.
Step5 : Reiterate any safety precautions, such as "Don't tell anyone who calls that we are not home," and "Don't open the door to strangers."
Step6 : Tell the baby sitter the children's bedtime and explain the bedtime routine (bath, brush teeth, etc.).
Step7 : Leave a phone number where you can be reached.
Step8 : Have something in the house for the baby sitter to eat and drink, and tell the baby sitter those items are for him or her.
Step9 : Tell the baby sitter ahead of time that you don't want the baby sitter to fall asleep no matter what time you get home, if this is the case.
Step10 : Tell the baby sitter what time you will return, and return at the promised time.
Step11 : Check in with the baby sitter at least once to make sure all is well.
Step12 : Pay the baby sitter immediately once you return - unless you have agreed otherwise.

Tips & Warnings

* Baby sitters are not responsible for following your wishes when you haven't expressed them.

By eHow Parenting Editor

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