How to Find a Good Baby Sitter


Things You’ll Need:

* Yellow Pages

Step1 : Ask friends or colleagues whom you trust to recommend a good baby sitter.
Step2 : Find an agency. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Child Care" or "Babysitting."
Step3 : Interview all prospective sitters over the phone. Ask about experience, fees charged and any emergency training the person has had. Ask for references.
Step4 : Check the references.
Step5 : Call the sitter back if he or she seems like a good fit and arrange a meeting in your home.
Step6 : Observe how the prospective sitter interacts with your children, how your children respond to the sitter and whether you relate well to the person you are considering.
Step7 : Have the sitter baby-sit for a short period of time while you are not far away.
Step8 : Continue to hire the sitter if all goes well.

Tips & Warnings

* Although you can advertise for sitters at local colleges, in the newspaper and even online, those recommended by trusted friends are generally the best bet.
* Many parents with young kids swap baby-sitting with friends. This ensures that you always have a trusted sitter and helps save money on baby-sitting.
* Be sure you feel comfortable with and trust your sitter before leaving your children in his or her care.

By : eHow Parenting Editor
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